Azure Advisor

Hello World

Today I want to show you a very important but very unknown option in Azure – The Azure Advisor

Azure Advisor is a free service that analyzes your Azure usage and provides recommendations on how you can optimize your Azure resources to reduce costs, boost performance, strengthen security, and improve reliability.”

It’s just that, and not to use it will be a sine

Just have a look at this example:

I use Pay as you go for example and pay X amount of money for the service, Azure takes a look on my 30-day activity and recommends me to reserve virtual machines in advance on a one or three-year term and save money

Its 402$ a per month!

Another example will be in general availability where I can generate alerts on the stats of my subscriptions and my applications.

And one more example is in the security sector where you can have lots and lots of advises that will help you work with Azure the right way

In the end Microsoft is providing a tool that is Free and will help you make your Azure environment more secure and save money on the fly.

Try it.

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