Azure Off-Hours in OMS

Hello World,

Say Hello to the new OMS solution that many of my clients were waiting for


Many Azure IaaS users tend to use the built-in option of turning VM’s off at a specific time of the day (probably night) but there is no built-in option to turn them on the same way. of course, you can create it using Azure Automation. but this is not an out of the box solution.

OMS introduced management solution called: Start/Stop VMs during off-hours.


Select the solution and just enter the information you need like: 

RG name for the VMs, what to exclude. End time and most important Start time!

in the background, it’s creating all of the Runbooks needed for the solution to run.



When the solution is configured you get a nice dashboard with global information like run status.

And inside you can have more information about the success and failure.


Thanks Azure!


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