Azure Regulatory Compliance Monitor

Hello World,

Security Center is already your best friend in Azure. if not you are probably missing a lot of thing in your Cloud implementation.

So, as Secrutiy Center grows and brings new features and options. the next big thing is compliance. 

Azure introduced in Security Center the new regulatory compliance dashboard so that you can get closer to your 3-4 letter certifications (PCI/ISO) that are so important for the company in order to be in business with customers.

Welcome the new dashboard:


What can it do?

Simple, it’s making an assessment of your environment and combining information already collected in the security center into a general report of standard compliance for example with PCI or ISO 27001.

This solution is devised into a couple of dashboards that are very easy to understand.

First is the summery dashboard with global information to let you know how far are you from your goal.

Second dashboard where you select your certification tab and get only the rules and policies applied to that particular certification.


The third is the All tab where you see problems that are cross-platform that will need to be addressed probably in any case.

All that remains is to do the work and make your Azure safe.

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