HTML SCOM Notifications

Hello World,

We have SCOM for a long time now, and we all use email notifications, right?

You are probably familiar with all those questions coming from the subscribers about the looking’s of SCOM notifications,

Now there is a very VERY simple way to deal with it and does not involve the use of external command scripts for each and every email.

“IsBodyHtml” is the answer, yes, it was there all the time.

Unleash the power of the HTML side:

  1. Create any SMTP notification channel you want
  2. Open OM Powershell Console and connect to SCOM management server with import-module operationsmanager
  3. Get-SCOMNotificationChannel -DisplayName “Your SMTP Channel” | foreach { $_.Action.IsBodyHtml = $true; $_.Action.Update() }
  4. Go to the subscription and enter your HTML code
  5. Have Fun

I was looking for this for ages, Thanks a lot Squaredup 


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