Immersive Reader new Azure Cognitive Service

Hello world,

Microsoft announced its new cognitive service “Immersive Reader”. 

this amazing service was and already is in use by many Microsofts applications like OneNote, word and many other. 

the big difference is that now you can implement it in your application as a service.



As with all cognitive services by Microsoft (or any other provider) we get an API with javascript that does the translation.

go to the SDK and download it, you will find many uses for the service for a wide range of people.

From what I have seen the service allows you the next options:

  • Translation services even in Hebrew and in good quality
  • read math, very useful
  • allows you to change the appearance
  • allows seeing all the nouns, verbs, and adjectives in color
  • picture representation of words




It’s important to note that this is not a new product, but putting it in use by your organization will make a change to many people that have difficulties in reading. 

This is a great accessibility tool and I hope that many organizations will make use of it.


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