Monitoring -eq Gold

Hello World,

Monitoring will be equal to real Money by providing the right data to the right people.

The Problem

IT is always spending money, new equipment, updates, licensing. Monitoring team too, Not only spending money but even wakes up people at 2 a.m.

From the perspective of the finance department, you have only expenses.

For the IT team, you are installing unwanted processes on their systems,

It’s only a bad advertisement, but in a few carefully planned steps you can change this.


Get the most out of your data and give people what they want and need.

The Process is divided into steps: Plan -> Drill -> Summarize -> Be rewarded

  • Plan

Nothing goes without right planning. if you are a consultant like me, find the weak spots, where the organization need your help the most. Don’t tackle everything at once

If you are the insider, know that you have more coverage on weak spots in the organization and can propose the best monitoring solutions from the inside.

  • Find the right tools

Big and Small, Cloud or On-Premises – all share some common similarity, this is why choosing the right tools it simple. have a look around. from my perspective, all of the tools do the same: Collect data and shoot alerts/report as a base.

I prefer using Microsoft vast variety of tools, from Azure Services like OMS and more, or On-premises System Center like SCOM. but smaller tough tools like SolarWinds/ELK or any other are always handy.

  • Drill and get dirty

Do everything step by step. Monitor/Override/Create, always be connected. you need to know the organization and be part of the system. you see more than anyone else and you don’t create the monitoring for yourself!

From the perspective of the organization, you are the department that sends all of thus alerts at 2 a.m. Prove otherwise!

Don’t be bound by tools or people. if you need a feature find it, develop it, most important, Share your knowledge with others

360 view is the key, look at the monitoring from more perspectives, suggest improvements in the working of the product and not just on how to monitor it.

  • Roadblocks

Find the way around. believe me. if you are trying to help one department and they are against you solution for any reason, go to the other departments. when they will be the last they will come to you.

  • Money Time

Monitoring equals money only if you publish your work. it’s a hard work, but the data you provide worth literally gold.

Monitoring – monitoring important services and providing a pinpoint accurate alerts can prevent malfunction – any system shutdown is money lost – any prevented = Money saved

Improve – Reports can improve your company’s product, with tools like OMS and ELK you can see cross the data and show the company the points of failure.

Automation – At list 50% of the process made by IT are routine, Automation is the way to save you from this routine work. Use this and try to convert the time saved to money – Time is money

In conclusion Data  = GOLD

What do you think Facebook or any other big social network is doing money from? Data! You hold the data of the organization, you know what people need.

The equation for success in is simple – provide the right data to the right people.

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