OMS Alerts now extends to Azure Alerts

Hello world,

Very good news about the Azure alert industry, it’s about time to connect all the dots.

It was only a matter of time for Azure to move all of its alert creating services to one place and connecting them to one big orchestra.

Welcome the new features of Azure Alerts.

With lots of options in alert creation,  you can now create Any alert rule possible from Any collected information in Azure. All in some very simple 3 steps.

1. Define alert condition – Select the data source and conditions for the alert.

2. Define alert details – Alert severity and alert suppression.

3. Define action group – New stuff! add response action to the alert by creating a flow of tasks like SMS/Emails and webhook invoke.


And what’s new in the last update?

  1. Create Alerts for all Azure services, Log analytics, Security Center, Application Insights and more, all from one place.

  2. OMS is now fully connected to Azure Alerts with lots of options.

    No more 250 alert rules limitation!

  3. Group Actions
    This is very cool, you can create action groups and Connect to ITSM like SCSM or ServiceNow. Run Webhooks. And send Emails/SMS as usual. All in one action Group that can be repeated!

So, have fun and connect everything.

One note, in OMS it currently supports configuration of only two metrics signals or one log search signal or one activity log signal per alert rule. But as you know it’s only temporary.

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