Using OMS? You can now limit your Daily Data Cap

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Azure New update from yesterday in OMS can make a big change in the cost of OMS for customers.

Many users of Log Analytics complain about the cost of data incoming to OMS, the main problem was that they didn’t have a simple option to limit ingress data.

Problem solved!  Now you can cahnge your daily data limit and have more control on the charges of OMS.

If you open Log Analytics, you will find a new tab with the name Usage and estimated costs

In that menu you now have the option to limit the daily ingestion for your workspace. Press the Data volume management.

You now can change the daily volume cap, it’s much the same as using the free tier with its 500Mb/day limit, but now you control the extra GB limit. This is awesome! One step closer to having OMS in all Azure customers.

More information on Microsoft

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