OMS Portal officially retired on January 15

Hello World,

Remember this date 15-01-2019

on this day OMS Portal will be deprecated and will fully move to Azure Portal under the Monitoring tab.

This is a good news and probably a one that you got a notice from Microsoft about.

So what is going to change?

All Workspaces will be created inside Azure portal, its easy like all new stuff that you create in the portal so its a plus. 

Just remember that any new workspace will be charged by the Per/GB

This is the link for creating new workspaces.

This is a sad one as the mobile app for OMS was nice and had its potential, but the Azure portal is fully available on the mobile and in some kind of a way its better work on a computer when you need the real data and its not that easy to do anyway on the mobile.


No Changes, its reporting the same way and you query the same way

This one is not new, Alert management changed already a few month ago to the new format, and to say the truth the new one is better then the old one from the OMS.

Have a look at this Doc by Microsoft about the new Alert system


To say the truth, a lot, instead of using two/three different portal websites we have a one that concentrates everything.

  • In the new portal you have Traffic Monitoring with lots of interesting stuff.
  • Application Insights is build in with no configuration needed.
  • Kubernetes is in preview and available with container monitoring.
  • Virtual Machines monitoring, with service map and performance in one place.
  • And the most impotent, the solutions are still there, the solutions we got in the old portal are all under the “More” button in the Monitor tab




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