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Hello World,

As time goes and we get closer to the 4th Industrial revolution – AI revolution.

From some technical and economical articles 50% of jobs will be replaced by AI by 2030.

Lets have a look at the next project by Microsoft AI Labs – SKETCH 2 CODE

The idea as presented on the project website is to use AI cognitive services like vision to understand a simple user sketch and then convert it to a simple building block of HTML code.

Simple as its sound its a very complicated infrastructure under the hood, but, Microsoft make it simple by providing the OCR so its analyzing the sketch to a simple WCF structure. the only thing you need to do is to define what to do next.

Yes its not that accurate.

Yes its not writing the code underneath.

With a simple logic of “what you see is what you get” its a good starting point.

The main question is will it write the code underneath in the feature ? The answer is absolutely Yes.

AI will replace web designers
Web Designer 40%
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